Comedian Tommy Johnagin and I have started a podcast called The Local News where we discuss local news stories from around the globe. It’s like the regular news, only it’s not terrifying. New episode every Tuesday. Check it out anywhere podcasts are available. Link to iTunes below. I love you.

About the Author:
Alex Stone is a comedian from Cincinnati, Ohio who now makes his home in Chicago, Illinois. His hard work and determination have led him from his early days as an absurdist joke writer to his current role as one of the most impressive young storytellers in comedy. In addition to the deeply personal material that has become the cornerstone of his act, Alex has written jokes for nationally touring comedians and was recently selected to participate in the Best of the Midwest competition at the 2013 Gilda’s LaughFest. His prolific nature and originality has made him a regular at the Chicago Laugh Factory and earned him an appearance on the Independent Film Channel. Alex was also recently featured in both the Chicago Tribune and the Huffington Post.


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